Learn how to integrate Zephyr

Zephyr Integration

Establish integration with Zephyr to enable you to directly link your test cases to testRigor, automatically create test runs every time you execute your tests.

How to Enable the Integration

Enable Zephyr

Settings -> Integrations

First, you need to allow Zephyr integration on by navigating to Settings > Integrations.
Make sure the integration is enabled, and fill in the required fields.

Don’t forget to click the Save button on the bottom of the page after filling in the fields!

  • “Track test cases between release using:” and “Release ID” are not mandatory fields. They used to conveniently link test cases to a different release inside Zephyr if required.

How to Obtain an API Key in Zephyr Scale for Jira

  1. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of Jira
  2. Navigate to Zephyr Scale API Access Tokens
  3. Click on Create access token and Copy the API token
Once integration is enabled, you can go to your testRigor test cases and start linking them to the test cases in Zephyr.

Test Run results

Now every time you do a full Rerun of your testRigor tests, we will automatically create a Test Run in Zephyr, and you will have a pass/fail status for each linked test case.

Additionally, you can run a test suite without creating a test cycle in Zephyr by checking Do not update Zephyr checkbox in Test Suite Details page before rerunning the test suite.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully integrated Zephyr with your testRigor Test Suite.
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