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Software Testing

We solve software testing so you don’t have to. Leverage the power of testRigor to make it happen
Tools that put themselves to work
AI-driven solutions for smarter software testing
testRigor provides software testing tools that help refine themselves. Our AI-powered software learns from real user interactions with your product and helps streamline the test writing and refinement process so your team can spend less manual time on your software testing.
Leverage the power of artificial intelligence
Create complex UI tests in plain English
Maintenance has never been so straightforward
Ultra-stable codeless tests survive framework changes
Ideal for integrating into the CI/CD pipeline
Move faster with testRigor
Anyone on the team can write new tests
Increase test coverage faster by spending less time on test creation
Receive test results and uncover bugs in minutes
Lower time to market for your software improvements
The results speak for themselves
Drastically reduce repetitive manual work for your team
Better test coverage and test quality
Improved scalability
Time and cost savings
For any team working on any software project
Whether you're a one-person project or an enterprise organization, testRigor solves software testing automation effortlessly for any team. We offer highly customizable plans to make sure your team achieves the results they want.
Public Open Source
All tests and test results are PUBLIC open source, anyone can see and you can share your results as a unique public URL.
Free - public
What's Included

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Test Cases
Unliimited Suites
Free Forever
Limited to 1 parallelization
All Tests and Results are Public
14-day trial including one private test suite and one parallelization to execute tests.
From $900 /month
What's Included

All tests and results are private
Unlimited users
Unlimited test cases
Multiple parallelizations for faster test execution
Standard support
Contact us for personalized enterprise offers.
Custom pricing
What's Included

Dedicated customer-success manager
Slack-based support
Unlimited users
Unlimited test cases
On-premise available
that will leave the old ways behind forever
Manual + Selenium/Appium
Disconnect between manual and automation QA engineers Everyone on the team can write, modify, understand automated tests
Complicated initial framework setup that can take a couple of weeks Initial setup takes 5 minutes
Double QA work: test cases are first created in manual form, to be automated later Test case is the same as test since it's written in plain English
Automated tests are complex and take a long time to create Creating a new test is as straightforward as writing a manual test case
Tedious daily automated test maintenance due to flaky tests ~95% less time spent on test maintenance due to built-in smart features
All locators need to be changed if there's an underlying framework update Tests stay valid despite underlying code changes
Frustrating tools and process, overextended team Great team dynamics and communication, smaller and happier team
For decision-makers and leaders
A QA process that actually creates value. Achieve faster time to market, improved quality, and superior scalability - all while reducing cost and time spent by the team. Your customers will be thrilled with the added value they get on a more frequent basis.
For your dev team
Ensure relevant tests based on actual user interactions, automatically derived and generated on a large scale. Reduce maintenance to near zero while also speeding up any remaining manual test creation.
For your DevOps
Integrate with any CI/CD solution from Jenkins to Azure DevOps with bash scripts that are already ready to copy and paste.
For QA and SREs
Less time wasted on laborious manual regression testing. Heavily reduced automated test maintenance. Spend more time on more valuable strategic problem-solving work instead.
 with a high level of security
testRigor doesn't just automate your software testing process, it does it while adhering to world-class security standards throughout our automated testing software. testRigor is built and operated following some of the leading security standards around, including SOC 2 and security standards familiar to teams throughout the software world.
Zero data privacy risk
We never record or store the private data of your users nor your company, so you don't need to worry about theft of PII and other sensitive data.
Access controls
Access provided on a least privilege basis means access is only given when absolutely necessary, preventing unauthorized use or removal of data.
All details covered
Our comprehensive security practices cover the full gamut of software security needs, including network and application firewalls, secured endpoints, encryption at rest and in transit, and everything else you need to guarantee industry best practices are followed.
The time for AI-driven software testing is now
You use software for everything else, why not use it for testing?