Learn how to integrate Jira

Jira Integration

Harness integration with Atlassian Jira to enable you to create bug tickets in only a few clicks. Below are the detailed steps on how to enable the integration through testRigor.
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Enable The Integration

Enable Jira

Settings -> Integrations

First, you need to allow Jira integration by navigating to Settings > Integrations. Make sure the integration is enabled, and add the Jira project key where you want your future tickets to be created. (Note: only company-managed Jira projects are supported at this time).

Next we’ll walk you through an example of how it works with your test cases.

Here’s how

Here’s how it’s used

Create a jira ticket from testrigor

Next, locate a failed test which you want to create a Jira ticket for. Press “Create an issue in Jira” button.

A new screen prompting you to enable the integration will appear (you’ll only need to do this once).

Once accepted, you’re all good to go! Now, upon clicking the “Create an issue in Jira” button, you’ll be presented with a screen to confirm any details you’d like to be included in the Jira ticket.

Once you click “Create”, a new bug ticket will be created and added to the backlog:

Congratulations, you’ve successfully integrated Jira with your testRigor Test Suite.
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