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Tricentis Tosca Alternative

What is Tosca?

TOSCA stands for Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications. Tosca is an automation tool developed by Tricentis. Tosca is a software testing tool that provides functional and performance testing for various application types, including web, mobile, and enterprise applications. It is known for its model-based testing approach and uses risk-based testing to prioritize testing efforts. Tricentis Tosca also offers test automation and test management capabilities, allowing organizations to streamline their testing processes and increase testing efficiency. Additionally, Tosca integrates with a variety of tools and platforms to provide a comprehensive solution for end-to-end testing.

The Model-based testing approach involves creating a model of the application under test. The details of the application, such as technical specifications, the logic of test cases, and generated test data, are stored separately and combined during test execution. The central model serves as the foundation for test cases, and if there are changes to the elements in the application under test, the technical specifications are updated in the central model.

The Risk-based testing approach utilizes the tool to suggest the most effective test cases and identify the risk contribution of each one. It employs various built-in test design techniques, such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning, to optimize the number of test cases while increasing risk coverage.

Tricentis Tosca Advantages

Tricentis Tosca offers several advantages, including:
  • It is based on scriptless and AI mechanisms using techniques discussed in the above section, model-based and risk-based testing approaches.
  • Tosca provides a centralized test management solution, making it easier to organize, track, and report on testing activities.
  • Tosca integrates with a variety of tools and platforms, providing a comprehensive solution for end-to-end testing.
  • Tosca’s model-based testing approach reduces the need for manual test creation, which leads to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Supports testing for web, mobile, and enterprise applications, providing a versatile solution for organizations.

Tricentis Tosca Limitations

Tricentis Tosca, like any software tool, has certain limitations and disadvantages, some of which are:
  • Steep price of the tool and certification, which might be too high for smaller organizations.
  • Steep learning curve: Tosca has a complex interface and may require a lot of time to set up and understand.
  • Limited integrations: Although Tosca can integrate with other tools, there are certain limitations and restrictions, which can impact its overall functionality.
  • Performance Issues: Tosca can experience performance issues when handling large projects or working with complex systems.
  • Dependency on technical knowledge: To get the best results from Tosca, it requires deep technical knowledge of software automation.
  • Debugging and failure analysis can be cumbersome.
  • Time-consuming test maintenance, especially for the model-based test automation approach.

An effective way to overcome the limitations

The limitations of using Tosca as a test automation tool are outlined above. To address these limitations, testRigor, a codeless AI-driven tool, is a better option. It does not require programming language expertise, and is very straightforward for the entire team to understand and collaborate. It also requires minimal maintenance, leading to a higher return on investment and high-quality deliverables. It is easy to set up and use, and utilizes plain English language – enabling anyone on the team to contribute to the test creation process.

What is testRigor?

testRigor is a codeless testing tool that lets you create robust end-to-end functional tests. It covers cross-browser and cross-platform tests for web, mobile, desktop, and even API. testRigor is easy to set up and much easier to master compared to other automation tools, and it comes with a lot of mature features. Even manual QA can write end-to-end tests from scratch, add assertions, and make any changes. Let’s take the same example of a Login into the flight reservation system.

testRigor with example

The sample code along with straight forward configuration looks like this:
  • Launch the testRigor app on the web and choose the desired settings for your test suite
  • Enter test steps in plain English language (want to know more about the supported commands? Take a look here)
  • Click Add and Run

testRigor Advantages

testRigor offers numerous advantages, including:
  • Fast setup, only need to choose a few parameters for the test suite.
  • Seamless test script implementation in plain English.
  • Test steps are written in a way a real user performs the action on an application under test, tests do not rely on underlying DOM structure.
  • No coding skills are required and manual testers can automate tests 15 times faster.
  • Requires minimal test maintenance.
  • Supports web, native and hybrid mobile applications, native desktop, API testing.
  • Shared suites can be used to perform parallel app testing on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Has integrations with test management and issue management platforms, as well as most CI/CD tools.
  • Tests are very robust, and you can get results for the entire test suite in under 30 minutes.
  • Detailed reporting with screenshots for every step makes it easy to analyze, debug test failures.


In conclusion, while Tosca may be a viable option for long-term test automation due to the points discussed in this article, we believe you should also give testRigor a try. The ease of initial setup, ease of test creation (no matter how lengthy or complex the test case is), and low maintenance are among the top features that testRigor’s customers favor the most.

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