Rainforest QA Alternative

testRigor is a RainForest QA alternative

testRigor allows you to create tests as simple as using plain English like the one below:
create a new lead
select "Mr" from "Salutation"
generate unique name, then enter into "First Name" and save as "firstName"
enter "Grossman" into "Last Name"
enter "1234567890" into "Phone"
enter "IC" into "Company"
click "Save"
check that page contains "created"
check that page contains stored value "firstName"
RainForest QA is allowing you to use humans to execute your tests manually.
Here is how testRigor compares to RainForest QA:
Speed of test execution Hours or days Minutes
Price Tens of thousands of dollars Hundreds of dollars
Tools for test case maintenance N/A Extensive
Automatic test generation N/A Several options
Test stability As good as testers Exceptional

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