Case Study: Wine Access


Customer Overview

Wine Access is an eCommerce company, making it easy to discover and enjoy the world’s most inspiring wines through expert curation, storytelling, and perfect provenance. They have constant website releases, where sometimes changes can span the whole site.

They were using Selenium for test automation and weren’t satisfied with the results. So they went searching for a better option. Wine Access needed a tool that would allow faster and tighter test case coverage, decreased the efforts spent on test maintenance, and remove the disconnect between manual testers and an SDET.

"The solution needed to be something that anyone can use, not just an SDET"
Wine Access

The Problem

Before implementing testRigor, they had all of their tests automated with Selenium. It was working for them in the beginning, however, more and more problems started to arise as their website was expanding – and so was the number of test cases to automate and maintain.

These are the main issues they were facing:

  • Slow progress towards automating new tests
  • Test maintenance takes too much time
  • Inefficient collaboration between manual and automation QA; creating manual test cases that would later be automated

They were testing all of the new features manually, which would be scheduled for automation after releasing them to production. Regression testing was the most challenging part due to limited resources and dreary test maintenance, leading to bugs constantly slipping into production.

They needed to find a solution that would ensure rapid and consistent automated test coverage, remove the need to involve developer support with Selenium, and reduce time spent on test maintenance.

Key Objectives

  • Increase speed/efficiency of test cases coverage and test maintenance
  • Reduce the number of bugs in production
  • Eliminate limitations with test case runs

The Solution

Wine Access chose testRigor as their test automation solution. They like that it’s much more user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. They hit the ground running without requiring lengthy training, and all of their manual QA are now creating automated tests. They were able to increase the pace of test automation and completely get rid of manual regression testing.

Since implementing testRigor, automated test coverage increased 3X, while savings are projected to exceed $1M over the course of five years.

Solution Highlights

  • Setup and training were very simple and straightforward
  • Everyone on the team now does both branch testing and automation. No manual regression testing
  • It only took a week to port 100+ existing test cases to testRigor

"Other than being easy to use, it was very flexible with what we needed with our site, with our administration tools, third party tools, etc"
Wine Access

The Result

Wine Access was able to scale down from 4 QA resources to 2.5 (one person is only partially involved now). This led to 62% or $206k per year savings, including salary costs and the price of testRigor.

The whole team can now participate in both branch testing and creating automated tests. Since implementing testRigor, they were able to increase the number of automated tests from 100+ to 330, and the number of hotfixes decreased from 8.6 to 5.8 per month.


Objective Result
Decrease the Number of Hotfixes 33% reduction of hotfixes
Standardized Testing Method Everyone on the team can create tests now, don’t have to rely on a SDET or developers
Budget Optimization From $331 to $125k/year, 62% savings
Increase Test Coverage and Efficiency Increased the number of automated tests 3X, test speed execution decreased from 75 sec/test case with Selenium to 43 sec on testRigor

testRigor can also help you

testRigor’s no-code automation platform makes it easy for QA teams to quickly build test automation while spending almost no time on test maintenance. Tests are in plain English, empowering any person with or without technical knowledge to be able to quickly build and maintain tests as well as understand test coverage.

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“We spent so much time on maintenance when using Selenium, and we spend nearly 0 time with maintenance using testRigor”
Keith Powe
VP Of Engineering -
“The manual team does not need to be sidelined and I don't need to hire separate experts for automating scenarios.”
Sagar Bhute
Director of QA -